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High School


We work with local high schools to create student work experiences through the PTCO program. Are you a student or teacher eligible for the Italian PTCO program?



We offer flexible curricular internships to currently enrolled students who have a passion for social justice and want to learn from a dynamic start-up environment.



We register associates of the AIW who are looking for leadership experience both local and remote. Our associates volunteer with us to help grow our social impact.


Anna, PTCO Student

I’ve helped doing some researches about Nigerian and Ghanaian food culture to contribute to AIW storytelling. The AIW has helped me to realise better how vast and full of amazing and different cultures the world is. 

Cecilia, Intern

At AIW I had the opportunity to meet amazing and inspiring people and I felt completely part of their projects, which is something you don't always experience during University internships. But at AIW everything is different and teamwork is the key!

Imo, Associate

A multicultural and multi-ethnic environment is a treasure that needs to be nurtured. AIW is going in this direction for a common goal, for our future. Be part of it.

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Provide resources for migrant women in your community

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