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Cucire Insieme

Illustration by Giada Maestra

Globally, women everywhere are being hit harder by the coronavirus pandemic as more women work in low-paying, insecure, and informal jobs. (United Nations)


These women are raising future generations,

their resilience is the strength of the entire community.


The Association for the Integration is launching a new campaign producing masks for a good cause!  Your donation will go towards employing Migrant women living in Modena to sew masks, and to support the AIW in increasing opportunities for migrant women by growing its programs.


At the start of the COVID19 crisis in Modena, we were deep into the development of our restaurant project, Roots, which due to closures could not at the time move forward.

We analysed our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and found that one of our risks was the narrow sectorial focus that we had. We needed to widen our scope.

We learned from our prior community engagement that many women in our target demographic were seamstresses in their home countries.

Thanks to our social service network and local donors we employed a total of 8 individuals throughout the campaign, producing masks not only for our donors, but for community members in need as well.

Community Engagement


In collaboration with Deshabille Magazine and the Fashion Propellant, we launched a mask design competition had had over 20 global participating designers.

One of our biggest supporters, Massimo Bottura, was inspired by the AIW in one of Osteria Francescana's new dishes. In this dish called ''LSD'' the pink pill is inspired by our work on womens' integration.

In collaboration with Maria Vittoria Atelier, the AIW donated 240 scrub caps to doctors and nurses of the Intensive therapy units of our two local hospitals.


''I would like to thank the Modena community from the bottom of my heard for the hospitality, which i believe without a doubt to be the best in Italy, Refugees here are shown more respect than in other places.The city's mayor is really on our side. Inshallah, we hope that with our collective forces, soon will arrive a real integration. Especially since the start of the COVID19 crisis, we have all been taught an important life lesson.''

"The money helps, but this is more than that. This is the career I always wanted."

"I like making the masks. Before working with Cucire Insieme, I made masks for everyone in the building where I live. The masks keep us safe, so I like to do my part."

''When you look for jobs, everyone wants experience. I have experience in my home country, but that does not count. How can I get experience if no one will give us the chance?''


  • These masks are not medical devices, and are not 100% effective in preventing spread of coronavirus

  • The AIW is diligently following Italian governmental recommendations regarding the production of masks. Below you can download the ordinance effective May 4 2020.

  • Personal protective measures, like mask wearing and handwashing will reduce the risk of contagion. For a helpful infographic on easy measures you can take from the World Health Organization, see below:


This campaign was made possible thanks to donations from:

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