Cucire Insieme

Illustration by Giada Maestra

Globally, women everywhere are being hit harder by the coronavirus pandemic as more women work in low-paying, insecure, and informal jobs. (United Nations)


These women are raising future generations,

their resilience is the strength of the entire community.


The Association for the Integration is launching a new campaign producing masks for a good cause!  Your donation will go towards employing Migrant women living in Modena to sew masks, and to support the AIW in increasing opportunities for migrant women by growing its programs.

Donate to receive a Cucire Insieme mask, or to donate one to individuals in need in the Modena community!


  • These masks are not medical devices, and are not 100% effective in preventing spread of coronavirus

  • The AIW is diligently following Italian governmental recommendations regarding the production of masks. Below you can download the ordinance effective May 4 2020.

  • Personal protective measures, like mask wearing and handwashing will reduce the risk of contagion. For a helpful infographic on easy measures you can take from the World Health Organization, see below:

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