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Gloria Soverini


As an employer partner, you will have access to employees who are trained in both technical and non-technical skills, and have a continuing support system around them.


Benefits of becoming an AIW Employer Partner

  1. Gain access to trained employees

  2. Gain a reliable partner providing ongoing support

  3. Make an impact and share your company's values

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Lavinia Nitu

Our Curriculum

Developed by industry professional Chef Jessica Rosval, headchef of Casa Maria Luigia by Massimo Bottura.


Trainees acquire both technical and non-technical skills over the course of a 3-4 month paid, training program through weekly lessons provided by our chef Trainer and volunteers with significant professional experience.

Each week in the AIW Kitchen, our trainees learn new cooking techniques, professional methods, and transferrable skills. They have the opportunity to express their culture and learn about Italian cuisine simultaneously.

Outside of kitchen, trainees have the opportunity to gain confidence in nontechnical skills like digital and written communication, basic household budgeting, goal setting, interviewing, dressing for success, professionalism, and more.

What to expect: Our process

Dedicated moments for employers to get to know our program, our trainees, and for our trainees to learn more about future work environments.

For more information about becoming an employer partner, please email info@weareaiw.org,