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AIW launches its volunteer Skill Builder program!

The Association for the Integration of Women (AIW) partners with the International Women’s Association Modena (IWAM) to empower migrant women in Modena to spread roots and flourish.

Online Cultural Awareness training with Lily

IWAM is a volunteer run, non profit network of Women who live in and around Modena, supporting each other for a) the integration into a new community b) empowering each other in their personal and professional development and c) providing opportunities to contribute to the association and the local community at large. To that end, IWAM’s community engagement commitment is to support every year a women's association by raising funds and awareness for their mission and to enable IWAM members to volunteer in an impactful way for a cause they care about. This year we are thrilled to say that they have selected the AIW!

IWAM members are a mix of migrant and italian women, all with an international outlook and a women for women spirit! In the scope of this collaboration, this year more than 20 IWAM members will volunteer their time to support AIW’s mission. A large team will be planning and executing fundraising activities throughout the year and we cannot wait to see them in action, but that is not all.

Today, 8 May 2021, marked the kick off of a new program that could not have been possible without the dedication of IWAM Members. AIW’s volunteer “Skill Builders'' is a brand new program that leverages volunteers’ professional and life experience to benefit AIW’s beneficiaries.

Between May and August, thirteen IWAM volunteers will provide workshops in English on non-technical skills that will support the AIW’s graduates to be successful in future jobs, and equip them with tools to be leaders in their communities. Topics such as writing a CV, interview skills, and basic household budgeting include some of the courses that will be taught by IWAM members with the support of the AIW team. This program will be repeated each year, providing free, culturally competent training to more than 20 women per year who are referred to AIW by our partner, social services of the City of Modena.

To support these new volunteers, the AIW is providing Cultural Competency and Facilitation training, developed by board members Lily Vayer, AIW board member, IWAM member and humanitarian legal officer, and Helen Thompson, educator and non-profit professional.

Workshop mind map

“We are truly excited to kick off our collaboration with AIW, an association whose principles are close to the hearts of IWAM members. We truly believe in the power of women supporting each other, working together, listening and learning to improve our lives and to make our dreams come true. Every woman has her own story, different departure points, unique but also common challenges, but what we all have in common is that we are all women who want to call Modena home, who work hard to become who we truly want to be. In that spirit, we are truly looking forward to support AIW’s women make their own roots!

-Sofia Angidou, IWAM Community Engagement Leader

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