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AIW Teams up with Electrolux Professional to support migrant women who dream of becoming cooks

Updated: Jan 11

Electrolux Professional and Gandolfi Group support AIW’s vision for Roots – with a state-of-the-art kitchen as well as a financial sponsorship guaranteeing long-term impact at Roots.

Kitchen before and after

We were thrilled to approach Electrolux Professional as a partner of the AIW due to their commitment to social and environmental responsibility at a global level.

Since the first meeting in Pordenone, we saw enthusiasm for a common mission to bring new women cooks into the industry who are diverse, possess inclusive values, and who can bring unique flavors and cooking styles to the industry.

Thanks to our new partnership with Electrolux Professional, our culinary training program is improving ten-fold- with the latest culinary technology, chefs jackets, and resources to increase quality and long-term sustainability.

Our large and bright training kitchen will be the perfect place for new aspiring chefs to practice their technique, grow their confidence, and fall in love with the industry.

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