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Modena, meet Roots:

Roots is now on the web and social media!

We are thrilled to introduce you to Roots, a cosmopolitan place in the heart of Modena, where discovery begins with the stories and recipes of women from all over the world.

Designed to create a platform for migrant women who are passionate about pursuing careers in the hospitality industry, each year Roots will provide paid training to more than 16 women who will gain the opportunity to showcase their skills and culture at the restaurant.

"Roots' Visual Identity wants to create an identity based on the women's voices and their stories that evoke echoes of memories. Our desire is to transport you — through their memories and their interactions between the aromas, the places and the people — in a moment of discovery."— CW

Roots visual identity (made possible thanks to our talented partners at custerwaller who donated 100% pro-bono services) was designed to communicate the culture, stories, and identity of the women who will bring the restaurant to life.

Roots' voice will communicate at our day-time co-working cafe, nighttime restaurant, and through a series of community events and initiatives hosted by AIW and our local partners. To go behind the scenes and watch as Roots comes to life, head to our social media channels Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

Follow our Journey:

---> To help us get closer to making this project a reality, support us through donating at our GoFundMe here !

--->You can now visit the Roots website here and Follow Roots on Instagram @rootsmodena.

--->To learn more about @custerwaller, visit their website here!

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