One year of impact!

AIW celebrates its first anniversary since it was first founded by Caroline Caporossi. For the occasion, the 2020 annual report has been published showing all the achievements and the impact it had on the migrant community of Modena. The AIW team is thrilled to publish its 2020 annual report.

Modena, 6 Aprile 2021- AIW was created just before the pandemic hit really hard on Italy and on Modena. Nonetheless, that didn’t stop the willingness to build an association that could be an important support to a city where 75% of the families assisted by Caritas Diocesana Modenese are migrant and single-mother-led households.

Over one year AIW was able to build an association mostly run by women of 5 different nationalities for migrant women (6 of them being single mother households).

The donations we received played a central role in achieving our impact.

In 2020 with amounts donated:

  • 81% of it went directly to programs for migrant women;

  • 14.5 % went to operations;

  • 4.5% was used for fundraising

AIW created and developed the sewing program “Cucire insieme” exactly one year ago which was joined by many migrant women. Thanks to the help of our partnerships (Caritas Modenese and Necchi) and your donations, the women at AIW created 7000 masks through 800 hours of work. Moreover, with each one euro donated for this campaign, AIW could generate € 2.60 in employment to migrant women.

The fundings we received were also fundamental to bring to life during fall 2020 the culinary training program, which involved women from Ghana and Nigeria providing them with the first 30 hours of training allowing them to express their passion for food. This program is still developing as it is one of AIW’s goals to implement it allowing the economic integration of women in Modena.

By the end of 2020 AIW saw an important international recognition as it was among the finalists of the Youth Leadership and Innovation Award of the United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth. And the beginning of 2021 AIW presented the Global Forum for Migration and Development and won the Skilling Migrants for Employment category.

In 2020 the funding AIW received came from different sources:

  • 38.6% from local business and non-profit collaborations

  • 35.4% from individuals donating to campaigns

  • 19% from grants

  • 7% from other spontaneous individual donations

This past year AIW achieved a lot but that is just the beginning as we still need your support to reach six of the goals and aspirations we have planned for this coming year.

  1. increase the seamstress program by creating local partners in Modena

  2. creation of “Roots” the culinary program that will help the economic integration of migrant women

  3. launch the AIW’s volunteer leadership and program

  4. expand AIW’s ecosystem of multi-stakeholders

  5. build internal capacity at the AIW to expand programs

  6. keep working locally to change narrative on migration

AIW now looks at the future with a positive and charged attitude as it always did, and with a new year that is perceived as a new beginning, full with new challenges and new impacts to make.

The future will present new challenges and only with diverse perspectives that bridge generation, culture, and differences, will we turn challenges into opportunities for growth. - Founder Caroline Caporossi

Thanking everyone who made such impacts possible this year, we can’t wait to take new steps with your help and support to create a more inclusive future together.

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