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Job Announcement - Roots Executive Chef- Position CLOSED

Updated: Jan 11

Jessica Rosval, our Culinary Director, during one of our culinary training classes. © Gloria Soverini

Title: Executive Chef at Roots

Start Date: January-February 2022

Deadline to Apply: Deadline extended. We accept applicants on a rolling basis so apply today!

Schedule: Full-Time

Compensation: Commensurate with experience

Join Our Team:

About AIW:

A growing non-profit, the Association for the Integration of Women is a diverse, collaborative and woman-led organization dedicated to integrating migrant women into the workforce through our culinary training program. Participants learn invaluable technical and nontechnical skills as they build their confidence and gain access to skilling opportunities.


Roots (opening Q1 2022) is our coworking by day and restaurant space by night, dedicated to multi-cultural discovery and empowerment. Through stories and recipes of women from all over the world, Roots utilizes its social enterprise model to create a platform for migrant women passionate about establishing a career in the hospitality sector.

Our Culture:

AIW is committed to diversity, inclusion and equity. We carry out impactful work that directly contributes to the livelihoods of migrant women, their families, and the long-term health of our whole community. Through collaboration, understanding, and innovation, we seek to provide the best quality possible for our program participants. As we grow, we seek a team committed to that same mission.

General Job Opportunity Description:

AIW is hiring an Executive Chef with restaurant experience to head our culinary training and restaurant programs at Roots. This position will be responsible for training, designing culturally-appropriate menus inspired by trainees’ food culture, executing foodservice, managing the kitchen and staff, and representing AIW's values.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Train and supervise trainees and employees, evaluating skill acquisition and performance

  • Create menus that are culturally representative and relevant to our mission

  • Place and receive all orders for dinner service and cooking course

  • Supervise and execute nighttime service

  • Ensure that HACCP norms are respected

  • Create food consumption plan for a zero waste kitchen

How to Apply:

Those interested must submit an updated CV to

If you have questions please contact


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