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Partnering with Rotary to offer 1 full year of training!

Updated: Jan 11

Rotary clubs in Modena Italy and Hickory North Carolina (USA) partner up to win 50.000 Euros in global funding to provide training and work opportunity for migrant women in Modena

Photo Credit : Lavinia Nitu

The 18th of December is International Migrants Day, and this year’s theme is “Harnessing the potential of human mobility.” On this day we are proud to announce innovation that does just that, thanks to a special global partnership bringing investment to Modena.

The Rotary clubs of Modena, Italy and Hickory, North Carolina (USA) have joined forces to finance one year of training for migrant women who have hopes to enter the hospitality workforce, in partnership with the Association for the Integration of Women, and in the location of our new social enterprise restaurant, Roots. Thanks to the project being accepted by Rotary International Global Grant- we will be able to guarantee one full year of training for more than 16 women in 2022.

Credit: Rotary Modena

Rotary clubs have been working for years to help alleviate the global refugee crisis, from projects that supply water and medical care to refugee camps, to funds for families in transit, to support for vocational training, and more. Over the past seven years, Italian clubs and districts have allocated close to 3 million euros in global grant funds for projects and scholarships related to the refugee crisis. In this context, the Rotary Club of Modena - a core player in the “Global Empowering Girls project,” which aims to create global services that offer young women the best opportunities for social and economic integration- welcomed with enthusiasm AIW's vision for its culinary training program. The objective of the Rotary Club International and AIW is to provide opportunity for women facing multiple barriers, by offering them training, opportunity of job placement, and access to supportive community networks-- thereby creating opportunities for social and economic integration in our society and as a source of inspiration for future generations.

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