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the Foundation of Modena backs Roots:

Updated: Jan 11

The local foundation becomes

one of the investors in the Roots project

Caroline being interviewed at Spazio F

We are pleased to announce that the Association for the Integration of Women has secured a grant from the Foundation of Modena to help finance the professional kitchen that will become our hub of social impact at Roots.

Our impact will help the Foundation of Modena meet its goal for sustainable development. 8 “Decent work and economic growth”: in particular, through creating access to decent, secure, and respectful work for members of the Modena community faced with multiple disadvantages, through training, removing obstacles, and creating value added for our society through valuing our community’s resources.

The Foundation welcomed our graduate, Mercy, to Spazio F in December to talk about what food means to her, and how AIW’s culinary training program helped her align her passion and skills to launch her career.

“My social assistant told me about this program in the kitchen. So i said ‘Wow, really? Because I’m very interested! She asked me why and I told her my mom is a chef, so i always believed someday I would learn about Italian dishes, so one day I can take it back home and combine everything together. I think its a big opportunity for me, so i was so happy when she told me about it. “ -Mercy

Our founder and director, Caroline Caporossi, was invited for the December interview at Spazio F to hear more about AIW, our founding story, the development of our model for skilling migrant women, and details on the opening of our new social enterprise model, Roots.

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