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AIW models a new vision for the future: with women's leadership in central role

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Modena, 5 Feb 2021- The Association for the Integration of Women (AIW), Modena’s non-profit dedicated to the integration of migrant women has been hard at work developing an online campaign in honor of the 8th of March, International Womens’ Day. Rather than host an online webinar, the AIW decided to imagine a weeklong video series called “Women Who Lead,” and aimed at celebrating the diversity of Women's leadership in Modena and inspiring future generations of girls to dream big, take action, and become the leaders of tomorrow.

“Women Who Lead” promoted by the Comune of Modena, is a weeklong event taking place on Instagram and Facebook. Each day from March 8 to March 14, the AIW will be sharing an exclusive video on its social media (@weareaiw), in which 18 of Modena’s women leaders from different ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, and sectors, will share their greatest successes and failures, reflections on the unique attributes of women, and how they would like imagine Modena building back after the pandemic.

Participants include (in alphabetical order):

  • Angelica Polmonari, Board Member Gruppo Donne Arcigay Modena

  • Basma Aissa, Vice-president Donne nel Mondo ODV

  • Edwige Guiebre, Teacher and author "La Tata Marrone"

  • Elizabeth Cueva, Director CRA Villa Estense

  • Emanuela Gozzi, Secretary general CGIL

  • Erika Copelli, President Tortellante

  • Eugenia Bergamaschi, President Women's Business Commission, Camera di Commercio

  • Fatima Bouhtouch, Young poet and participant Italy's Got Talent

  • Francesca Federzoni, Director Politecnica Architecture

  • Ileana Coscia, Vice-president Public School "La Cittadella"

  • Imo Ekanem, co-founder IN D.A. Hub and Dèshabillè Magazine

  • Isabell Guidastri, Founder guidexpat, Casa Lifestyle

  • Jessica Rosval, Chef Casa Maria Luigia, Culinary Director AIW

  • Lara Gilmore, Cofounder Casa Maria Luigia, Osteria Francescana, President Food for Soul

  • Lavinia Nitu, Award winning documentary photographer and owner Ma.Ni. Photo Studio

  • Manuela Ciambellini, Coordinator Social Point, fondatrice Priorità alla scuola Modena

  • Rossella Giulia Caci, Lawyer, Representative Friday for Future Modena

  • Stefani Fregni, Digital strategist and founder My Modena Diary

The campaign will continue with special interventions on Instagram live from three women making creatives strides towards building a more inclusive society: Lavinia Nitu (Award winning documentary photographer from Romania, owner of MaNi studio) who is presenting her latest project “May We Be Them,” Edwige Guibre (33-year old early childhood educator from Burkina Faso, and author of the book “La Tata Marrone”), and Fatima Bouhtouch (26-year old author of “Come Alberi” born in Modena, and contestant Italy’s Got Talent).

In addition throughout the week, the AIW will host an online fundraiser, the proceeds of which go to support the association in its programs for integrating Modena’s migrant women into social and work opportunities. To support women’s integration in Modena and learn more about the campaign visit

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