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Gloria Soverini


Together with the women in our network, community organizations, and professionals, we have developed three unique programs designed to meet our participants where they are at.


Showcasing Capacity

Through hands-on training and exercises that build up individual self esteem and teamwork skills, our training program is designed uniquely to provide soft and hard skills training that will help our women to succeed in the marketplace. 


Increasing Motivation

Having a community builds resilience, allowing individuals to perform better long-term. We create occasions to surround ourselves with a supportive community network in order to strengthen the resilience, not only of the women in our program, but the entire group.


Providing Opportunity

Through our training, participants gain valuable and marketable skills to join the workforce. We provide our women a platform to showcase their skills, and support them as they get connected with the next step on their journey.




During the coronavirus pandemic we seized an opportunity to think more broadly about our services. We began training and employing women to sew face masks from home, and since have produced thousands for our community.

AIW Credit Lavinia Nitu

Lavinia Nitu

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Gloria Soverini

Culinary Training Program

Three month paid culinary training program teaching technical and non-technical skills, created by industry professional, Chef Jessica Rosval head chef of Casa Maria Luigia by Massimo Bottura. 


The AIW's new restaurant concept in the heart of Modena dedicated to demonstrating the value in the cultural diversity of Modena's newest cooks.

The AIW is dreaming of opening a Restaurant and co-working space that will showcase the cultural diversity of Modena's migrant women while training them for good jobs in the hospitality industry. This space will not only integrate migrant women into the workforce, but will contribute to creating a more inclusive and equitable society, allowing all of Modena's residents to meet their new neighbors though food.
In this space we will be able to train twenty women each year, but through the program will create community leaders, who will spread Information throughout their communities, building resilience and opportunity. 

We are currently seeking donations to realize this unique space, contribute today!